What are millennials and Gen xero saying about learning in the workforce?

What are millennials and Gen xero saying about learning in the workforce? 

A survey of 500 come up with some key takeouts:- 

The message is clear: 

Don’t try and manage learning in a traditional approach  – it is not providing what employees need or want. 

Employees are not happy with what their organisation is dishing out. 

They are keen to explore learning on their own but the organisational environment is not conducive to this.  

Although 85% are using online resources to learn, there is a crying need for organisational structures to support the informal type of learning that they desire. 

In fact, 1 in 4 is spending their own money to tap into such learning opportunities.
A blend of formal on demand learning and scheduled learning is preferable.
More time facilitating, less time tracking! 
Learning happens everywhere and thus learning needs to be available when and where required. 
Content is no longer king, Curation is king …... The ability to identify, analyse and determine content that is suitable for your organisation is where the “honey lies” in content provision.

Also, lets not forget the most powerful content of all – that of user generated content. Capturing and curating user-generated content provides both social and corporate benefits that can not be measured or valued using traditional ROI or 4 Levels evaluation methodologies.

Provide the tools and infrastructure for your employees to create their own content, share it and let them learn from each other.

The  fact remains that when employees need to learn something new they ask their team leader, their peer or their friend. They may even pick up the phone to speak to a subject matter expert – their last port of call may be that eLearning course they attempted last week or that training manual that sits under a pile of papers on their desk.

Below are 12stats from the Degreef report 


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