Top 5 Viral Posts and Why They Were the Most Successful

This is such a cool article that I read, that I had to share it! what are your best ways to get posts viral?
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by Chris Hughes

Chris has stumbled upon a secret to building fan pages ranging from 500,000 fans and above.

Why do Some Facebook Posts Go Viral While Others Flop?

1. Major Events Posts
100k likes Top 5 Viral Posts and Why They Were the Most Successful
While you might think its not good to take advantage of tragic events that happen in life, these events do happen and as owners of Fan Pages, you are providing a platform for your audience to communicate and share their feelings. With major events that happen in life people always want to share their thoughts on Facebook. As you’ll see here during the event that happened in Boston I placed a picture on one of my fan pages that had 700,000 fans on it at the time. All I did was share “We pray for the people in Boston at this time.” and shared a picture of the people from this show praying during one of their family dinners.

Duck Dynasty is a show all about family, faith and duck hunting so praying for this audience was something that was 100% accepted because its a major part of the show. However in other major events you could do things like congratulate the winner of major sporting events, send condolences if something bad happens or simply just provide a platform for your audience to share their thoughts on the subject at hand.

We’ve got to remember that Facebook is like a personal journal for the majority of people who use it. This means that they crave the opportunity to share what they are thinking at the time. Sometimes this leads to other major discussions happening on your page. As a part of Facebook’s edge-rank, the more people that comment/like/share your posts the more likely these posts will stay at the top of your fans newsfeed. This means there’s more exposure for you.

2. Click LIKE/SHARE for X on Your Facebook Fanpage

Want to know a secret about getting more people to Like or Share your content?
Have you thought about just telling your fans EXACTLY what you want them to do?
This post got over 97,000 likes… did you notice what I left as the description?

Even though I spelled it wrong, it still generated that many likes. I asked a question which led to a few hundred comments and said “aClick LIKE for Sadie and Phil!!”

It’s like “Its a ME Mario!” in the Super Mario games, but a little improved.

Instead of trying to hide the fact that you want people to interact with your fan page, just be honest with them. Tell them that you want them to comment on your picture, to share it with their friends and to click that “Like” button to prove that they do actually like the content. It works wonders when you tell people exactly what you’d like them to do.

3. Ask questions to make Facebook Posts Go Viral

Questions are engaging. They get people to actually do something when they’re otherwise just aimlessly browsing pictures on Facebook. I can admit that I’ve lost myself many times just browsing random pictures on facebook and realize I’d spent at least an hour without doing any real work, not commenting on anything and only clicking “Like” once or twice that whole time. I know for a fact that I would have taken more action if pages would be a little more engaging with me.

This is a post about one of the characters on the show and I had a picture of White House 2016 in the picture with the question “What do y’all think? Good idea/bad idea?”

It’s an open ended question and I let people know that its okay if they think its a bad idea. People just want to be heard and I’m providing a platform for them to be heard. Over 3,600 people commented on this along with almost 11,000 shares and 59,000 likes.

What do you think that would do for your page if you had interaction like that? Would it help your page grow more?

This strategy works great when you have pages that have an emotional attachment to something. When people are emotionally invested in an idea or concept, they love to talk about it. Providing them with this platform to talk about it grows a community of active people who will eventually buy from you.

4. Using Quotes Posts on Facebook Fan pages

Check out this quote. It’s pretty generic, right?

But can you disagree with it? I posted this 3 hours ago (from the time I’m writing this post) and it’s already been shared over 5,700 times with 14,000+ likes.
Finding quotes that are related to your specific topic helps to increase the amount of interaction you will get, but having these fairly generic quotes from time will resonate with a percentage of your audience.

….and you never know, someone on your fan page may need to hear something to help them have a better day so you are doing a good thing for your audience. From time to time I’ll share some posts that are all about positivity and love because I enjoy spreading that type of message with my fans.

5. Like Vs Share When Posting on Facebook

These posts can be extremely fun.

You might be curious…what do I mean by Like vs Share?

Well look at this.. here’s two examples of times I’ve done this.

Creating images like this is super easy to do and guess what happens when you have these “little competitions”?

You’ll get a TON of comments, Likes and Shares. By doing tests like this you can find out who or what your fans like more and this shows you exactly what people want. You can then take this feedback and share more pictures related to whichever performed best.

You can also use a strategy I share in the FB Fanpage Method for creating ads that lead to new likes on your Fan Page for less than a penny using this research.

By providing the option for people to choose, you are going to have some people commenting and replying on other peoples posts which will improve the interaction on your page and get a more active following.

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