The ultimate goal of a business leader!!

Inspiration from @jeff_haden

The ultimate goal and measurement of a “for profit business”  is “to make more money now and in the future!!” 

KPI’s – increase company earnings, profits, dividends and share prices.
(in other words – earn more than you spend!!) 
(btw – this is easier said than done!!)
Ultimately – NoProfit/no cash/ no business!!
Is building a corporate culture, moving into new markets, crafting bold visions– a driver of earnings or a luxury you get to focus on as long as the shareholders or board stays happy with the company’s performance re  profits, dividends and share prices?
Once you achieve profit and positive cash flow, you can do what you love, give back to the community, etc
The desired outcome of a leader to make all stakeholders feel better. When this happens everything else follows!!
·         Employee
o    that’s a little more training,
o   personal development,
o   work life balance,
o   better performers
o   feeling connected
o   develop into leaders,
o   feeling productive worthwhile
o   part of a team etc
·         Customers
o   Feel good about themselves
o   Feeling a sense of having value added through buying something
o   Solving a pain
o   Having a vitamin
·         Suppliers
o   Being paid
o   Feeling a sense of pride and self worth
o   Growing their businesses as yours does
·         Shareholders
o   Feeling proud to be associated
o   Bragging rights
o   Ability to get a great Return on Investment

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