The Secret by Rhonda Byrne – read on plane from Sydney to San Francisco

This book really hit a chord with me…. and if not already a best seller.. will be – every person should read this…
Rhonda has used excerpts and learnings from a number of “masters”

My take from it…. I look forward to meeting Rhonda one day..

• Law of Attraction” is a fundamental law as powerful as the Law of Gravity. Your Universe is centred around You

• Power of positive thought and they will be answered by the Universe….

• Think +ve and +ve will come – -ve messages do not serve you

• Your thoughts control your feelings – change your thoughts and your feelings will change accordingly – if you are feeling happy and in control – this eminates to other people.

• What you resist, you attract – because you are powerfully focussed on it with emotion.

• Ability to change your thoughts from –ve into +ve -. Ie you can master your thoughts.

• Perception IS Reality

• Aladdin – and Genie – “your wish is my command” – Genie is the Universe answering that wish

• “Build and it will come”

• 3 easy steps – Ask, Believe , Feel
• Ask – right down your goals – they innevitably get completed; place your order with the universe!
• Believe – act and think as if you already have it- “Universe will move to achieve your goal.” (If you order a car – you will be certain it will arrive…. and you can picture yourself in it… you have ordered it – it is as good as yours.)

• Religion – Pray (Ask) , Faith (Believe) , Feel as if it has been delivered; Gratitude (Thank)

Random takings from the book
• An object is a mass of energy vibrating – harness that energy in where you want it to go… all in the mind.
• The Universe is just 1 energy field.
• There are no competitors only potential partners . focus on your dreams and your visions and take competition out of the equation.
• You design your destiny – it is your pen, you are the author. Your outcome is YOUR CHOICE. You can write into your life , whatever you want.
• Enjoy life , because life is phenomenal.. is a magnificent trip.•

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