The power of momentum

It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. You can feel it, lose it, and gain it. It’s elusive, it’s invisible, and at times it’s difficult to find. But when you have it, you are well on your way to achieving your goals.
It is something that all elite soldiers, athletes, and successful people possess, and it’s called the power of momentum.

Momentum is one of the greatest examples of the Law of Attraction at work.
You hear it all the time – “I’m on a roll,” “I should buy a lottery ticket,” – when everything just seems to go according to plan. This could be in any aspect of life: money, relationships, career, or health and fitness. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and momentum eventually stops. This is normally brought on by some sort of adversity or obstacle.

But what if you didn’t take any notice of the obstacles life threw at you and decided your roll wouldn’t end? What if you decided and had a strong enough mindset that having momentum continuously was just the way your life was? You would have witnessed this change of mindset in great sporting teams over the past decade. 

  • The Queensland State of Origin team
  • The Hawthorn football club
  • New Zealand rugby union team
  • The Australian Diamonds netball team 
Creating momentum in your life is not that difficult, but most of us are not aware of how to consciously achieve it.

So what is momentum? Without getting too scientific, and in layman’s terms, momentum would be best described as: if something is moving, it is said to have momentum.

So why do so few people in this day and age find it hard to gain momentum? I believe it is due to our newfound sedentary lifestyle, where sitting in front of a computer, laptop, or tablet and texting, watching TV, gaming, driving, etc. leave most of us with zero momentum. Maybe it’s because we’re moving less and not getting anywhere.

Momentum is more than just moving. Momentum is a mindset shift. It is a satisfying sense of progression that gives your life energy, encouragement, and that get-up-and-go attitude.

Chipping away and working toward your goals is the best way to build momentum. With time and persistence, every step and decision you make will get easier as you go along. You will start to enjoy every aspect of your life; you will have more self-belief and confidence because you have momentum on your side!

My takeaway for this week:
The first and probably most important step is to get started. By starting something, you will rise above inactivity and overcome your lack of movement with action.
Affirming, strategising, preparing, wishing, hoping, dreaming, and the like will not build momentum. Momentum requires movement.

This week, get a little GOYA (Get Off Your Ass) happening and only when things start to appear to get fractionally easier will you know you have started to build momentum and you’re getting your mojo back.

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Don’t let procrastination get the better of you.
Once you start something, regardless of the size, your brain will be tempted to finish it or see it through to some type of perceived conclusion. Once you get into this state of mind and gain momentum, you start to see

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