The Keys to Your BBG Success

By BBG CEO – Geoff Hirsh – 

To ensure the success of your BBG Chapter and maximise the value of your membership there are three simple rules that we all need to follow.

These rules are literally the “Keys to BBG Success” and their importance to each BBG Member and every BBG Chapter cannot be over-emphasised:

  1. Pay it forward
  2. Listen with intent
  3. Refer with generosity

1. Pay it forward!

The first key to you receiving a steady flow of warm referrals from your BBG group is your willingness to supply referrals to your BBG colleagues.

It works like this …

Everyone joins BBG with the expectation of RECEIVING warm referrals for their businesses.

However, what many do not understand, is that these referrals come out of a shared “Referral Well”. A Referral Well that is filled up and replenished by the referrals SUPPLIED by you. And the other members of your group.

If you and your colleagues are not pouring referrals into the Referral Well it will quickly run dry.

If, on the other hand, you are all pouring referrals into the Referral Well, it will quickly fill up and everyone will be able to slate their thirst.

So, don’t stand by the well banging your empty cup against the wall. Get busy filling it up with your referrals and the law of reciprocity will take care of the rest.

We call this approach “Paying it forward” and place huge value on members who understand that this approach will ultimately be to everyone’s benefit. Yours included!

2. Listen with intent

At every BBG Forum, a number of your colleagues will present their business overview (or, one of their key products or services) to you and the other members of your group.

When you are listening to these presentations you should have one question in mind … “Who do I know that might benefit from the product, service, approach and expertise being demonstrated here today”?

As your colleague makes their presentations, scribble down the names of people you know that might be interested in, or benefit from, what is being described.

Then, during the KLT hot seat session later in the meeting, ask the presenter for further explanation of any points you need clarified before you refer them to the prospects you jotted down earlier.

You should listen to every presenter with the clear objective of referring each of them to at least one contact after your meeting.

If you take this approach and listen with intent, you will be amazed at how easy it is to match your BBG Colleagues to your contact list.

3. Refer with generosity

As I travel around the country attending BBG Forums, I often find myself promoting BBG’s “Culture of Generosity”.

This spirit of generosity is never more important than when you make your referrals.

Now I know that Referron makes it possible for you to generate a referral with just 3 taps.

But ask yourself, is this a referral you would be happy to receive?

Sure, it’s better than nothing. But, how much more powerful will the referral be if – before you use the referron app – you first call your contact and explain why you think the BBG colleague you are about to refer, could add enormous value to their business. And then call your BBG colleague to provide them with some insight and context for the service seeker you are referring to them.

The process I am describing above will turn your ho-hum referrals into warm leads. And will greatly increase the likelihood of your colleague turning your referrals into sales.

Which takes me all the way back to where I started … to the referral well and the law of reciprocity.

Apply these three key principles diligently and you WILL reap the rewards:
1. Pay it forward
2. Listen with intent
3. Refer with generosity

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