The BSI Ecosystem

BSI Ecosystem
Our organisation is an ecosystem… whereby our pulse is to create generational legacies by assisting our team and people who service our clients and investments. If we can inspire them to love coming to work and do what they do well…. They will provide an awesome service to our clients – helping them create generational legacies!
If they are 50% utilised… we are making good money…. That means they have 50% of excess capacity to add value to BSI’s investments…. So a startup/company  who we “back”  or take an active position in   … gets access to all of our resources…. They can then exit/ become clients/ become a service line.
What BSI does
We help Entrepreneurs create their generational legacies 

Each business unit runs autonomously – ideally 10 – 20 in a business unit….. where the entrepreneur has a stake in the success of the business…..
We have found that as an entrepreneurS starts up…they are passionate at what they do… but as they grow …. There is a whole heap of stuff that happens around them… taking their eye away from the bouncing ball and not focussing what they are good at. 

That’s where we come in…. we provide the backoffice/ structure/ non-negotiable values/ money/ resources/ adminmistration/marketing  … whatever they need to get them to do what they do best….
So instead of a pyramid structure and organisation chart… we are sort of an arrow that goes through all the businesses providing the core services.
I must say… the business has worked a treat over the years….. with some interesting stories… and some amazing results….. also massive challenges…
We are at a stage where  we have lots of bsi brands … and now need to consolidate into one brand to take advantage of synergies…. Challenging…. To say the least…….
Lots of chiefs/vested interests/ a type personalities (especially me! J )
But we are all  looking forward towards the journey to 2020!!
Happy to share more for those who might be interested…

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