The Best Visionary Women Speakers according to my friends


I asked my friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium to recommend the best visionary women speakers so I could invite a few to Further Future. A few weeks ago I had also asked who would be a great woman speaker on the future of dating.

I compiled all the suggestions I got here. Sorry if I missed any.

This is exactly why I’m building It should be structured data and stay available for anyone. The next step is to decide who Further future wants to invite based on all those recommendations (the community voting would be awesome) and then find all the emails to invite them and see who is available.

Thank you all for your recommendations. I guess Leila Janah wasn’t mentioned because I know her quite well 🙂 but she would definitely be on this list. 

Here is the list in no particular order.

Marian Goodall, CEO of Burning Man, recommended by Maria Molfino

Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder of Acumen, recommended by Imran Azam

Linda Liukas, by Taneli Tikka

Katie Metaverse, by Ross Dawson and by Roger Kenton Beaty

Venessa Miemis, by Ross Dawson

Lidewij Edelkoort, by Ross Dawson

Genevieve Bell (@feraldata) more an actual futurist, by Cedric Ingrand

Mary Lou Jepsen of Oculus, by Paola Bonomo

Erika IIves, by Jim Clark

Katja Gentinetta, by Mark Buchecker

Karin Frick, by Mark Buchecker

Imogen Heap on the future of music by Zoe Keating

Jane McGonigal on the future of games by Zoe Keating

Ruthie Bram head of content teams at Oculus on future of VR content by Alex Lightma

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof on the Future of Bitcoin founder of bit nation by Alex Lightman

Lynette Kucsma on the future of food and 3D printing by Alex Lightman

Annika O’Brien on the Future of Robots, by Alex Lightman

Robin Starbuck Farmanfarmaian on the future of medicine by Alex Lightman

Maria Konovalenko, on the future of Aging and Life Extension by Alex Lightman

Riva-Melissa Tez by Noor Al-Haj

Keri Kukral, on the future of humanity, by Alex Lightman

@soulaimagourani by @igorbeuker

@rivatez on AI by @henrikberggren

@shaawasmund by @nikita_thakrar

@thesunqueen by @britter

@annakozlova or @mkonovalenko on anti aging research by @aymericpm

@ivanasendecka by @khalilaleker

Elizabeth Holmes by Jonathan Kenny

Future of dating special

Rosette Pambakian VP of comms at Tinder by Hermione WayMSilke Bradford by Robert Scoble

Susie Lee by Robert Scoble and by Cindy Gallop

Arum Kang founder of Coffee Meets bagel by Nora Poggi

Melissa Jones, founder of dreamcliq by Jason Swamy

Amanda Bradford by Eric Sanchez Curti

Helen Fisher Anthropologist by Idit Harel

Esther Perel by Paul Papadimitriou

Laurie Davis Edwards by Laura Jane Fitton

Alexandra Chong by Sriram Krishna and by Cindy Gallop

Emily Morse by Shira Lazar

Katrina Hess Siren by Cindy Gallop

Emi Kolawole more by Monica Leas

Pauline de Regis at Facebook by Paola Bonomo

Robyn Exton founder of “Her” by Silke Bradford

Mo Saha by Cindy Gallop

Hate Kingsley-Miller by Cindy Gallop

Shannon Ong by Cindy Gallop

Alexandra Partow Dapper by Cindy Gallop

Samantha Daniels The Dating Lounge by Cindy Gallop

Amanda Bradford more by Cindy Gallop

Robyn Exton by Cindy Gallop

Lori Cheek by Cindy Gallop

Whitney Wolfe by Cindy Gallop

Cindy Gallop by Axel Boris ��

Laurie Davis Edwards by Patricia Reiter

Marina Lavochin by Derek Johnson

@SusieLeeSeattle of @SirenMobi by @thibautthomas and by @lisastone

bumble team by @jess

@girlziplocked doing a PHD on it by @kevinmarks

Coffee Meets Bagel Founders by @cgiorgi

@delpirouj from Meetic by @jessicagauzi

@franmaier founder of by @sarahrecruiter

@nightmaretinder by @lilianpertenava

@cindygallop by @kataskoberne

@robynexton more by @adsy_me

Haiyan Gong founder of chinese giant #Jiayuan by @MarcMagn1

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