The 8 crimes against the customer

As Nancy  Georges mentioned in her talk on connecting with the connected customer, it’s all about customer engagement! It’s all about making the customer feel loved and gaining their trust.


Below are 8 crimes against the customer – little things that can change the customer perception of you and your firm from zero to hero!

  1. Being Rude, Impolite, Offensive or Unfriendly –  Your customers or fellow team members have a choice. They don’t have to buy from you. And, if you treat them with disrespect they won’t….. your company needs to build a culture of respect. be nice 
  2. Lack of Employee Knowledge – If you want to destroy credibility, put untrained people on the front line. Employees may not have all the answers, but make sure they are properly trained to know who to ask or where to find the correct information. Ensure that your team gets trained adequately and goes through a proper induction process before they start. BSI E’learning helps organisations develope comprehensive bespoke online induction and skilled training  programmes. Upskill your team 
  3. Not Being Easily Accessible – How easy is it for your customers to contact you? Answer a phone within 3 rings and respond to an inquiry or customer complaint or query within 12 hours.  It could be on the phone, via email, or social media. It is unacceptable to be inaccessible. Make it easy to find your contact information. Have your contact details and phone number on every page. Don’t make the customer have to search through your company’s entire website to find an address or phone number. Make it easy for the customer to connect with you
  4. Not Valuing Their Time – Don’t be late! When people show up late, it implies that they believe they are more important than you, or that their time is more valuable. Show that you value and respect your customer’s time. Answer the phone after 3 rings, don’t keep them on hold for a long time, make it easy for your customer to engage. How cool is it for Qantas to offer to call you back if there is a wait? Be repectful if their time 
  5. Over promise and under deliver  – If you can’t fix a problem on the spot, agree with the customer a plan and time frame to solve the problem And exceed that expectation. It doesn’t have to be by much. If it turns out that you will unavoidably miss the proposed time, let the customer know about the delay well beforehand. Under promise and over deliver 
  6. Not Giving Them Opportunity to Solve Issues on Their Own – Many people find that self-service is quicker and easier than the traditional call for support. This can start with a simple Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on your website. Maybe   “crowd-source” your customer’s inquiries with a forum for other customers to help answer questions. 
  7. Ignoring Them on Social Media – It’s important to respond to all comments in a timely manner , not just complaints or support issues, but compliments as well . Engaging with your customer is a great public relations strategy. Respond to them where they are 
  8. Not Appreciating Them – Be sure to show to just say  thank you. Maybe even a “wow” thank you, like a public acknowledgement or a ticket for 2 to the movies! Customers want and expect to feel appreciated. 

Extract from Shep Hyken – Chief Amazement Officer at Shepard Presentations. As a customer service and experience expert, he help organizations create amazing customer and employee experiences. His books have appeared on bestseller lists including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and others. In 2008 the National Speakers Association inducted him into their Hall-of-Fame for lifetime achievement in the professional speaking industry.


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