PartnerSenior Accountant – Ahad Abdul Kalam

Ahad Abul Kalam

Managing Director (Firm)

Ahad is a member with the institute of Chartered Accountants and has more than 10 years’ experience in public practice. Having been appointed in July 2016, Ahad is the youngest managing partner in Ark Accountings history.

Ahad’s objectives are to add unique value to his client’s businesses through implementation of his extensive commercial and business experience particularly in the areas of tax, accounting, business start-ups, business planning & performance measurement and cash flow management.

Ahad takes a proactive approach and works collaboratively with his clients to create solutions that deliver real value. While he has a broad range of clients and industry bases, his specialisation is dealing with high-wealth private business owners. Ahad is renowned for his capacity to understand key client issues, and consistently provides structured, clearly thought out solutions to these issues through his extensive knowledge of tax law and practical commercial experience.