Tanya Lacy identifies 3 ways to ensure energy levels are high…..

Is the energy in your office low? Are people avoiding each other? is your team not aligned? Are you drained by those  non productive at cross purposes meetings?

 ‘everything is energy’

Is energy being built or is it being drained ?
Can you feel the momentum happening ?

Look at Your Team 

Think about your team for a second.  Imagine they’re seated before you. Now look at the faces of each person. Consider what level of energy they each bring. Consider the type of energy they bring. 
Is it upbeat? Is it fast paced?  Is it negative? Is it draining? Is it calm? Is it efficient?

How do you harness their collective  energy so you can achieve top results as a team!

Your Team’s Power 

Last time you asked one of your team how they were, (or a friend or colleague for that matter) how did they respond? ‘Flat out?’, ‘Under the pump?’ & ‘Crazy busy?’. 
Is your team spent, or do they have fuel in the tank?

Tanya Lacy identifies 3 ways to ensure energy levels are high…..

#3 sort yourself out 

Your team is a reflection of you …… Think hub and spoke, think your team looking up at you at a meeting as you present….really look in the mirror and check in to see how you’ve been showing up lately.

 Look at your office – what is the vibe of your team. They will be radiating the atmosphere of the leader. Frantic leader, frantic team. Disconnected leader, disconnected team. Well rounded leader, well rounded team. 
“Frantic leader,  frantic team. Disconnected leader, disconnected team. Well rounded leader, well rounded team. – Tanya Lacy”
Tanya’s advice to a leader – 

do a quick ‘get real’ check in. A diagnostic of where you are at 

For example-  Are you too Aggressive? Too demanding? Too much coffee? Speaking too fast? –  most team members who report into you, will be noticing your energy is a little ‘frazzled or edgy’ and respond 

So start looking in the mirror. Blood shot eyes? Feeling dehydrated? Crumpled? Rushed?
Is your energy sharp or smooth? That is, pause, reflect, ‘intercept’ check in with yourself.
How do you want it to be?

Simply make a little list of things you’d like to course correct on (about how you’re showing up) and get going on sorting yourself. Don’t have time? Make the time!!!! 

#2 Get Aligned with yourself

Are you clear with the direction you wish to take. Are you walking upright?  Are you in alignment with yourself? Are you feeling content? Are you clearing problems fast? Are you dissolving past issues with team members that hold you up, and hold you back?
Get aligned with the direction you wish to head.
Clear vision, mission, goals
See it clearly. And then take action. Clarity will give you power. When you have power, you transmit certainty.
When you transmit certainty your team will be on the same page – and energy will build . Orchestrate them, so they are on the ‘same page’. Make sense? It starts with you.  

#1 Align The Teams Power

(i) Mindset:- Understand the head-space of your team members. What do I mean? Spend enough time with them to know what they enjoy doing – doing a Kolbe profile for each person is a great start (www.kolbe.com)

(ii) Dynamics:- Observe the dynamics. There is a lot to be gained from understanding the invisible forces of your team. Start to notice. Who aligns with who? Who alliances with who? (alliances and alignment are very different by the way). Who has a personal agenda? Who has a team agenda?  Who shows their true colours under pressure? Who speaks their mind? Who withholds? Who plays victim? Who takes accountability? These are necessary to understand for aligning the team. 

(iii) Links:– Link the business goals to personal goals and vision. What do I mean? “Frank, we are aiming to do this.When we accomplish this, it means this for you” Now, you can only use that sincerely when you really do understand what they want.

“Give people what they want and you will get what you want!”

Get to know your team members. Take them for a lunch and ask them what they want to create in their life. Take an interest in who they are and what they bring to the planet, beyond headcount. 

On Your Way 
When you know what your team member wants, you can access their inner power. Then you can align with their power. Then you can harness people energy. 
Otherwise, it’s simply just surface discussion which is a waste of life force, heading in a circular motion. 
And let’s face it, life is too short to be wasting time in an environment that doesn’t float your boat. So, it’s best to get this stuff handled. 
Summary Steps
3. Get Real Get Sorted  2. Get Aligned  1. Align The Teams Power 

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