Steps to Signing up to referron

 This is an email I sent to a Customer wanting to subscribe to referron

hope this helps

Register for referron  (either on the phone (by downloading  the referron app on the “app store” or “google play” or on .  If you would like to connect with me, feel free to do so!
Go to Profile on your web portal
Once you have registered,  
•    fill out your profile on your portal,
•    create a referron username (this will create a link for you to use to invite people to join you on referron)
•    download your logo,
•    write a few sentences about you under “story”
•    and under billing you will be able to get unlimited referrals for the year for $200!

Go to “Promote”  on the web portal

Build your Network  – by copying the code to your website (give this to your web developer if you don’t know how)  and by copying the email signature to add to your email signature, so people can refer directly to you.
The Dashboard, Activity and Connect Tabs
This gives you details of your activity.
Who you have referred to, , who has connected with you and who has referred to you, and which leads you need to follow up.
This information, can be downloaded into any CRM or accounting system, so the referrals you make and receive can be tracked and commercialised!
As they say , what you can measure you can manage!
Download the app on your phone
Enter your email and password
Press the little button to insert your photo, and check your story (you may have to fix up your story on the phone)
Click the “R” to start referring,
Press “OK” to allow you to check your contents
And you are ready to refer!
For more information about referron and how to use it, these links may be useful…
Happy referring!

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