Steps to Signing up to referron

Register for referron  (either on the phone by downloading the referron app on the “app store” or “google play” or on

Updating information on the phone:-

Register from the Phone App

1.       Download the App
2.       Sign up with your email (if you have not signed in before or login with your email if you already have registered with Referron)
3.       Register with your email and tel #

  • Be sure to click “yes” to caching your contacts, as this will enable you to refer people within your contacts to each other. (By doing this, your contacts are cached in your phone – not on our systeem!) 

4.       Go to menu on top right hand side of the app

  • Complete Profile… click picture and take picture of yourself,
5.       In the settings menu –
    a.      Under social connections – connect with facebook and linked in
    b.       Update your rewards that you want to give your advocates and your leads (by going to “menu” / “settings” / “rewards” 

    • Connections – Invite people to connect or check your connections – by clicking “Connections” (under the menus section (top right hand side of the page) 
    • Refer people by following the prompts. (3 taps of the phone)
    • Manage – The  activities button enables you to identify all activities that has occurred on your Referron account (under menu) . 
    Go to Activities – to enable you to manage your referrals (which will update your referral CRM) , and redeem your rewards from your phone.


    You are able to see what groups you are in by going to connections (menu/conection and on 2nd tab on top of app press groups) . You will be able to see the members in that group.

    Send a V Card

    • On the top Right hand side of the screen – you can send a vcard in seconds (online business card – with your Profile updated on Referron) . Fill in the persons name and where you met him, and you have a record of who you sent the card to! 

    The messaging function allows group administrators that you are a part of  to communicate with you. .  
    • Click the messaging function to see who has sent you a message.
    • click reply to message the sender back (Button on RHS)
    • click R to refer the sender to someone that you know (Button in Middle)
    • Call to action on the right (button on LHS)
    • The LHS putton has an option to login to your portal
    From the Website Portal 
    Go to your web portal (Login at
    Once you have registered (or register directly from the portal)
    Go to Profile
    •          Fill out your profile on your portal 
    •           Connect to Linked and Facebook contacts
    •           Download your logos and public profiles 
    • ·        You have the ability to change your profiles,logos,emails and passwords
    Go to Public Profile
    ·         Create or change your public url (this is your link that will enable your connections to connect with you on Referron) 
    ·         Create a story (a few sentences about you, who you are and what you are about)
    Go to Rewards
    ·         Create rewards for your champions and leads
    ·         Manage your rewards online
    Go to Build your Network
    ·         Send Invitations via email or sms
    ·         Use the website buttons to promote your Referron portal on your websites, blogs and email signatures
    ·         Import Contacts – You have the ability to import contacts from your lists
    Go to Referral Activity
    This is your Referron CRM , that you can measure, track and comment on your referrals received and sent . All info can be exported via APIs or CSV files to your files
    Go to Dashboard
    This gives you analytics of your referral activity

    Managing Referrals of a group or Company
    For those of you who wish to manage referrals of a specific group, and enable members of a group to be connected with each other. Referron has the capability to manage and measure referrals on a company and group level.

    For those of you who wish to create specific groups for your connections to have access to, this can be done (create your own “reach local” for your community


    Send messages direct to the mobile phones of your connections or group you select – instant, direct and in their hand at the click of a button.  
    • Create messages and call to actions from the Message tab in your members portal.
      • These messages can be sent to all your connections or specific groups that you choose.
      • You are able to create normal text messaging, html messaging or emails direct from websites
      • You can create your own call to action buttons. 
    • Review your messages received, sent and archived

    For more information about referron and how to use it, these links may be useful…

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