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Cover Story: The New Face Of Business!
Want to get your business into the social
medium but don’t know how to go about it
successfully? Spark talks to blogging
sensation Aley Greenblo,whose fashion blog 
‘Tickled Pink’ has had over 4.3 million views!

Roadmap To Success
SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises) are
struggling at the moment.With the financial
pressure of two GFC’s followed by the instability
in Europe, many small business owners are
wondering just whenthey will catch a break.
The problem is, the global economy can’t 
be fixed with a batch of home-printed flyers
dropped in local letterboxes;and that trip  to
the bank for a top-up on the business loan just got 
a whole lot more daunting.
So what can Australia’s Small Business Owners do?

Meet Mao’s Last Dancer, Li Cunxin
He spent his life transforming.
From starving child in a Chinese village,
to ballet student in China’s rigorous training
program, to one of the world’s leading ballet dancers
with the Houston Ballet Company. Named Australian
‘Father of the Year’ in 2009 and the subject of an 
acclaimed movie based on his autobiography
Li Cinxun has now transformed into a successful 
stockbroker. He talks to spark about…

How To Get Cashed Up
Businesses that have established a position
where they can demonstrate their capability
and potential, may approach angel investors
and venture capital funds to provide capital to help
commercialise and grow the business.These
investors look for a high return to compensate
for their high level of risk and will typically look to…

Contract Confusion
Why your ‘best endeavours’ could turn out
to be your last endeavour!The common view
is that there is a spectrum of words you can select
from to throw into contracts, when communicating
the amount of effort you are prepared to go to, for
 someone you are in a contractual relationship with.
I often wonder if people say they will use ‘reasonable
endeavours’ because they do not really want to…

How Good Is Your Customer Service?
One of the basic concepts used in customer service is
that of moments of truth. This concept was developed by
Jan Carlzon, CEO of Scandinavian Air Services (SAS) in 
the 1980s to describe the aspects of customer contact
 that the business needed to control to ensure…

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