Robotic stock takes with Cosy

Jonas Cleveland
Jonas Cleveland
Co-founder, CEO and CTO, COSY

One  of the critical tasks in retail is use of floor space within every store. In a huge chain like Walgreens, for instance, with more than 8,000 stores, this knowledge is difficult and expensive to obtain.

 With the help of Cleveland, 29, Walgreens is using artificial intelligence to reduce the kind of out-of-stocks that cost retailers almost $400 billion annually, creating a fully automated robot inventory labeling system. In 2012, Cleveland co-founded COSY, a firm that uses advanced computer vision to allow mobile devices to accurately position themselves indoors. Think of how GPS and Google Maps have transformed so much of our world. Cleveland’s app wants to solve the same navigation challenges for places like supermarkets, houses, movie theaters or even your doctor’s office. “We are giving power through data that’s never existed before,” says Cleveland.

Watch now: Cleveland explains how artificial intelligence is going to transform the future of retail.

Ivan Kayes note – Imagine if you had an rfid chip built in to every product… you could do an immediate Arocha check at the press of a button. When you check out, it automatically registers all your purchases.

Just saying!!!

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