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The Nelson Network: 

An introduction to a new blog series.


I’m a natural networker that became a Realtor. I’ve always been a people watcher and although naturally shy, I tend to enjoy large crowds at parties and networking mixers. As a retired DJ who performed at over 2,000 events & weddings, I’ve always thrived of the energy of others, in part because I enjoy listening to their stories. All you have to do is ask questions and then genuinely listen, people will share a lot with you, when they feel listened to and I think most want to share their experiences.

Everyone has a story and I happen to enjoy hearing them because you learn so much from other people. You can’t possibly experience all there is to experience in life personally, but you and vicariously do so through the stories of other peoples’ experiences. 

Dr. Ivan Misner

Ailina (my Bride), Founder of BNI and Author Dr. Ivan Misner & TJ


So, I started the Nelson Network which I’ve used as a foundation to manage and operate various networking groups I belonged to or currently run/manage or participate in. They are made up of San Diego entrepreneurs and exclusive groups of like minded Realtors over the last 14 years. I’ve networked with thousands of people in since 2003, which is when I got serious and on purpose. I have a database of hundreds: why not thousands you wonder? Well, not everyone I meet – I can help, not everyone I meet are good at networking with me, therefore I do not try to network with everyone I meet, just the best of whom I meet, according to my standards.

The Nelson Network has yielded me unbelievable opportunities in people I’ve met (see photos), referrals, friendships and business. I’m a published author because of it, I’ve walked a red carpet in Hollywood because of it, and I survived the 2006-2011 devastation of the Great Depreciation during our recession because of it. My bride is a Virgin America In-flight Team Leader because of one of my networking groups!

TJ, Author & Professional Speaker Jack Canfield & Ailina


I’m adding my Nelson Network to a series of Networking posts I’m planning as well as my video blog (Vlog) that I’ll start posting as meet with and  I interview some of my favorite entrepreneurs and Realtors in San Diego County. Their stories may inspire you like they’ve inspired me. Maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own networking group or put new ideas to work on the one you’ve already started. 

My goal is to post 1-2 per month under The Nelson Network and I’d love your suggestions, networking tips & success stories in the comment section, each time I do post one. I learn a lot in the Active Rain, so don’t be shy!

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