Press Release:- 10X & BSI Announce Strategic ‘Go Forward’ Partnership

BSI has recently acquired the 10X business which is a network of 60 Accounting and Financial Planning Firms throughout Australia and New Zealand, who help hundreds of  small to medium sized enterprises ( SME’s)  grow their business through a range of innovative coaching and business planning programmes.  
This is synergistic to BSI’s business, which helps companies grow through a variety of services ranging from
  •    accessing capital, grants and  business advisory services,
  •     helping people access finance and mortgages,
  •     financial planning and general insurance
  •     an incubation fund
  •     an HR business, recruiting, training and maintain staff, including a comprehensive registered training organisation (an RTO), 
  •     providing a range of networking and education events

Ryll Burgin-Doyle one of the Founders of 10X commented: “we created 10X to make a difference to small business owners and to bring real value to our firms.  Being small business owners ourselves, launched during the GFC, we have faced each and every challenge – the good, the bad and the ugly of small business.  By that I mean, the financial and cash flow concerns, the team issues, the ‘fast growth factor’, and more.  BSI’s stake-holding in our company gives us a way forward, secures our firms futures and ability to do and earn more while doing what we came here for – to make a greater difference to SME’s all over Australia and New Zealand and help them achieve their goals and dreams.  Having been there ourselves, we couldn’t be in a better position to offer real life coaching, support and services to SME’s.  We absolutely know how tough it is out there.”
Ivan Kaye has a track record of taking companies who have reached a certain level of success, faced challenges financial and otherwise during that process and taken them to new and great heights.  His rigorous focus on ‘the dollars and cents’ and ROI outcomes for 10X Firms brings a new and experienced regime essential to 10X moving forward positively,  Says Doyle.
Ivan Kaye had this to say: “10X has 60 vested progressive accounting and financial planning firms throughout Australia and New Zealand. They understand the needs of the SME, and have an  immense amount of  Intellectual Property and  the smarts and experience to help business owners. The BSI 10X partnership adds greater value to clients and prospective clients of BSI and 10X Firms  by providing the means to assist them in more and broader ways – for example, accessing Government Grants, Government funded training and much more. We will find a way to  maximize the value for all stakeholders – our clients, our firms and our shareholders. “
“There are some hard decisions to be made to ensure a strong future for the company – however, BSI and our 10X Firms are up to the challenge, committed to clients and a bright future.” Says Kaye
Cameron Young of  Youngs Chareterd Accountants in Warrnambool, Victoria and Geelong had this to say:-  “This exciting news has been welcomed by 10X Firms which will provide a stronger offering to each Firm’s client base and additional ways to connect with their local business communities to make a greater difference to more people; we will be able to provide additional services  to business owners, resulting in new success and new growth across Australia and New Zealand.
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10X  helps  SME’s grow, develop and improve their businesses, community and lifestyles via powerful one-on-one and its flagship group coaching program known as ‘10X Coaching Club’. 
BSI helps companies grow by providing them with a range of services including:-
accessing capital, grants and  business advisory services, finance and mortgage, financial planning and general insurance, an incubation fund, an HR business, recruiting, training and maintain staff, including a comprehensive registered training organisation (an RTO),  networking and education.

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