LinkedIn in 2016 – your numbers don’t lie


Ever wondered what else goes on in here and whether there are numbers or data that could show you the light towards a more prosperous 2017 for business. Check some of these interesting data facts:

There are 433 million registered Linkedin users – YES, they play in business, but this IS NOT a B2B platform. There are 433 million PEOPLE so it’s a P2P or Professional-to-Professional platform. 

40% of users check LinkedIn daily – they ‘check’ daily, but not necessarily active. If you need to communication with a connection, pick up the phone, or email directly, otherwise your message may go unanswered for a LONG time.

70% of LinkedIn users being based outside of the US – there is a world outside of the US. The same principles apply in business, no matter how big the playground, you still need to be active to attractive interest back to you.

A professional photo makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed – behaviourally, 73% of people are ‘visual’ beings, as such, we relate better to what we SEE. Like the saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words”, same goes for a photo.

People who list skills on their profile get 13 times more views – plus, the first time visitor to your profile will be asked to ‘endorse’ you for your key skills. That then adds important profile keyword data to your profile. Good for ranking!

Males make up 56% of LinkedIn’s users – does this mean that men are more likely to do business with you on LinkedIn? 

The average user spends 17 minutes per month on LinkedIn – PER MONTH, WOW! So if 40% come in daily, they only stay for less than 30 seconds. And with the speed that your News Feed scrolls, there’s a pretty good chance that your connections will NEVER see what you post as it will be lost before they ever come back in. Great content, but Never seen! Shame!

The average CEO has 930 connections – 930 useful or useless connections. Are they PEERS (suspects) or PROSPECTS. Yes, surround yourself with other professionals, but they will never buy from you. If you just want around you those who will ‘take your business’, then go ahead. Why not build your community full of those who WANT what you have to offer?

Asia has over 109 million registered users, and the UK at 20 million – so, where is your market?

13% of LinkedIn users do not have a Facebook account – However when you export your connections and create a Facebook marketing campaign, around 40% of the email addresses listed against the LinkedIn profile are connected to a registered Facebook page. What does that mean? If you have 1,000 connections, if you run an ad in Facebook to target your Linkedin connections, you’re likely to be able to target approximately 400+ of your connections directly via that platform.

59% of LinkedIn users don’t use Twitter – when your connections play inside Twitter or Facebook for that matter, they have a different purpose. They’re more related and more social, in LinkedIn, the suit is on and they’re on point for business. Different purpose, different platform. Get that purpose right!

IT and Services is the most represented industry on LinkedIn – How big is your community? Who’s your target? If you could have the best 12 months on LinkedIn, what would you need to do differently in 2017?

Career Management is the most popular long-form post topic – Remember, LinkedIn started as a Networking and Recruitment platform. Yes it’s a great source of data for your next ‘hire’, but from a perspective of growth, community engagement, influence, lead generation and more, there is NO OTHER PLATFORM for business like it.

So, what do you need to do differently on LinkedIn in 2017 that will help you and your business to grow?

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