“Know it all” vs “learn it all”

By Kristina Mills 
Two entrepreneurs walk into a seminar room.
Both sit down next to each other to watch the presentation.
Both have similar business experience.
Both have similar business education.
Both are earning a similar amount of money.
Yet 6 months later one has doubled their income and the other is going backwards.
The difference?
One sits down on their chair in the seminar room with arms folded.
Whenever the presenter says something, they say to themselves, 
“Yeah, I already know that. I’ve done xyz course before.”
The other sits down on their chair with an open mind.
Open to learn.
Knowing that whatever they hear today is a catalyst for their change. 
Maybe it’s something they have learned before but haven’t implemented. 
Maybe it’s something new. 
That business owner recognises those ‘BFO’s’. 
The light bulbs flash and they take massive action.
This is the difference between my business owner clients who make massive 100% or more improvements in their business and the ones who don’t.
Wannabes pride themselves on ‘knowing it all’.
Successful entrepreneurs take pride in learning from others and taking action on what they learn.
NOTE: Now that you’ve read to the end  here’s a ‘bonus’ for you. The power of story. This piece of copy follows the structure of one of the greatest pieces of storytelling sales copy of all time that sold over $1billion worth of newspapers.
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See Summary of Pip Marlow’s lunch prezzo re Microsofts shift from being a “know it all” company to a “learn it all” company 

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