Keynected: the mobile app for brand engagement, loyalty and revenue

Social is not so social. ‘Friend’ does not mean a friend, and ‘like’ – who really cares? We each accept the calls and texts from our inner circle of family and friends. Beyond this, communication is the noisy, impersonal interruption of eDM and social media. Volume gets bigger and louder, but relevance is lost.

Every brand wants relevant communication with their customers. They use social media but cannot measure its ROI nor customize their message to each customer’s preference, in order to increase engagement and revenue. Every brand knows it is all about mobile today.

Keynected helps customers and their favorite brands connect, meaningfully. Keynected creates a second circle, after family and friends.  Keynected provides a mobile platform for customers to consolidate all social messaging from their chosen brands, select the feeds and notification prominence they want, receive exclusive offers based on their preference and customer status; all on their mobile phone and all without surrendering their personal data. Keynected is a spam-killer.

Keynected cuts through the noise by giving brands a second circle to reach the 20% of customers who drive 80% of their business. Keynected allows brands to segment customers for targeted messages based on meaningful web-style analytics including user engagement rankings.  Keynected provides rich, mobile messaging and track-able content with click-to-book/-buy capability.

Customers cannot have an app for every favorite brand, nor keep up with every message on every social media site. Keynected aggregates all the brand messages customers choose in one place, on their mobile phone, and gives brands an accurate tool to understand how customers interact with these messages. With Keynected, brands can segment their audience to target a specific message to the correct customers – without infringing customers’ data privacy.  

Traditionally, brands communicated for presence, not for relevance. Social media networks are designed for whoever has the loudest megaphone. It’s a shotgun, not a rifle shot.  Social media is not truly social. And friends are not friends. Companies like Facebook and LinkedIn have cast huge, powerful nets but brands are realizing when they reel them in there are very few fish.

Keynected is going against the grain. We are on a quest for relevance: what truly matters to people who today get bombarded with interruption marketing.
Keynected is permission based – customers choose what is relevant to them.
Keynected is the death of spam.  Keynected is where customers and their favorite brands connect, on purpose and with purpose.

Keynected version 0.9.1 is available on the App Store with the enhanced Version 1.0 (including Category-based landing page) due for delivery at the beginning of April 2014.

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