Tune in:- Conversation on Automation

Whitehouse Simine Leiro is speaking to i4j member Robin Chase on Automation and is calling for questions to be answered 

Wondering how driverless cars or chatbot lawyers will change the ways we work and live? Join us for a LIVE White House Conversation on automation.

You’ve seen photos of self-driving cars zooming down California highways and read about lawyers that are actually chatbots. These are some of our first encounters with automation and artificial intelligence (AI). And if you’re wondering how these types of technology will change the ways we work and live, you’re not alone.

There’s no shortage of predictions. Depending on who’s talking, it will be the source of tremendous opportunity or a challenge to even our most basic institutions. In any event, it’s no longer just the stuff of science fiction. Our growing reliance on automation implies some big public policy questions. Some that we’re already grappling with, and others we’ll need to tackle in the coming years.

On Tuesday, July 5, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough will host a conversation with Robin Chase, transportation entrepreneur and author, and Martin Ford, author and futurist, to help shed some light on these issues. They’ll discuss and debate the nuanced aspects of automation, from what it means for jobs to laws to how we spend our days.

Announcing: a White House Conversation on Automation

In addition to the White House Facebook page, you can watch this conversation LIVE on Business Insider’s and Futurism’s pages, on Tuesday at 1:15PM EDT. You can also get ready for the conversation by checking out more information about automation from Futurism. 

Have a question about automation that you’d like to hear in the conversation? You can join the discussion by submitting your question below.

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