How to Write a Better Newsletter

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My newsletter accounts for over 78% of my revenue at present. I have a very high open rate (mid 50% at present) that shatters the industry standards. I use zero tricks to accomplish either feat. I’m just really good at building a strong connection via my newsletter, and I treat the people who subscribe as if they are the most important thing in my business world. (Secret: they are.) 

If you’re in e-commerce, ignore everything I’m about to say.

How to Write a Better Newsletter

Format your newsletter so that it looks like plain text. Fancy pants templates immediately signal to a person “Hey, this isn’t for you. It’s just something to delete.” 

Make the “from” address something that people can actually reply to, should they desire it. My email comes from — nl for “newsletter” and “” is a legacy domain that I can’t bear to part with. But it’s a real email address. You can reach me there. Most people’s newsletters come from “please don’t reply at do not reply dot com,” or something close to that. Right? 

Write something new and unique for them. Stop giving people your “leftovers” of your blog posts, your round-ups, your “what I’ve seen all over the web” unless that’s the primary focus they’ve asked to receive. Give them your best. If they can get what you send them online somewhere and in your newsletter, they’ll opt to unsubscribe. No one’s eager for even more mail in their inbox. 

Give people more than just a sales pitch.Give them useful information they can act on whether or not they buy what you sell. Our model at my company is to publish two content-minded newsletters each week (with a gentle sale in there), and on weeks with a sale, we add 3-4 emails specific to the sale. That way, there’s usually more content than there is pitchy-pitch, selly-sell in the box. 

Treat the people who’ve signed up for your newsletter like the valuable people they are. Give them your time and attention. Reply to their questions. Create content that speaks to them. Give them the option to tell you more about their world and about how you can help them. 

People say to me quite often, “It must be SO difficult to get so much email from the people on your list.” Are you kidding? It’s a blessing! These are all clients and potential clients. They’re all someone I can help when the time is right. It’s the gold standard! 

And if you want to see the BEST “welcome” letter you’ve ever seen for an email newsletter, sign up to mine. You can quit right after if you want. I make it easy to unsubscribe. 🙂 

Now, go connect better with the people you serve and help them THRIVE!


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CEO, Owner Media Group, New York Times and Wall Street Journal International Bestselling Author & Business Advisor

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