How to Make Lodging Tax and Easy Process

Do you like getting your tax return but dread collecting all of the paperwork and tracking your financial administration? With technology, this just became a lot easier.

To make sure tax time is a breeze, the first thing you need to do is organise your accounts correctly. This means separating your investment income/expenses from your persona spending. This can be done by separating your bank accounts or if you have large amounts of expenses, two different credit cards. Once your accounts are setup properly, they can be linked through to cloud technology which takes the data from your bank account and puts it into the Accounting Software. This then provides you with all the information you need to track and manage your accounts.

This is when we come in. We provide a personal bookkeeping service, just like having your own CFO. We will reconcile your bank accounts into an easy to read format that can be used by your Accountant come tax time – You can also access this information in real time, anywhere, anytime. This means, all you need to do is get your Group Certificate and any other expenses that don’t flow through your bank account and your return can be lodged.

It then gets even better. All of your receipts are then stored electronically, via your phone, i-pad or email so you don’t have to keep the shoebox of receipts for your Accountant.

If you want to know more about the personalised service, just contact us.

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