How to create relationships with people that will refer you to your ideal clients

Developing referral relationships with people isn’t new, it isn’t fancy, but it works and is the cheapest way to grow your business with warm relevant leads.

 However there are some simple rules to follow to ensure you have success.

“From Day One I asked myself “who else can add value to my clients ” and “how can I add value to them? “

1. Find the right sort of people to partner with… Those that you know like and trust.

Not everyone thinks the same way as you and are happy to collaborate and refer.

 Make a list of 30+ people that you could partner with. 

People that you respect, are willing to learn about your business, and that you can build a relationship with. 

People that have communities, clients and networks. 

People you can trust 

2. Speak to these people

Message them via email, social media message, etc to see if they are interested in creating some sort of collaboration. 

Add them to your linked in and invite them to your Referron network ( send them a Referron vCard (10 seconds!)

This message is just about setting up a meeting, phone call or chat to talk over a few  ideas and thoughts. To see where synergy exists and if it is a person you actually want to partner with. 

Track and measure those that answer you! 

3. Invite them to your BBG chapter

If, after step two, you feel there is some good synergy invite them to join you in your #BBG chapter.

So there you go: in three simple steps you will have identified who to partner with, spoken to them about such an opportunity and put a plan in place with the right people. Imagine if you did this with five people, ten people, twenty people? How quickly would you find new customers and make new sales.

The best part about the above? It can all be achieved within just a few days.

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