How to achieve optimal performance

Inflow is positive, channelled, energised and aligned emotions related to the task at hand.
In order to achieve this state of performance, you need to have a clear set of goals, and confidence that you have the skills to achieve them.

What to achieve at Board Meetings…. I have attended too many board meetings that are focussed on historical performance of financial results, and arguments on where to allocate costs that are fundamentally necessary to run an effective business. Is this because the board members are not independent and have vested interests in each of their own service lines?

Board Members are generally chosen for the VALUE THAT THEY CAN ADD to a business with the intention of maximising returns to shareholders. In order to do this, most of the meeting should be to review the goals set, and together work out, in a harmonised, positive and energised way a course of action to achieve the goals set.

Without goals, one is treading water – There is so much untapped power and potential within these board members…. A solution is to have a set agenda…. and a facilitated meeting of the masterminds… with the objective of unleashing the power and potential of the group. Two or more minds come together create a third, invisible, intangible force that can be likened to a third mind.

“Effective Organised Effort = Power – Organised effort is produced through the coordination of effort of 2 or more people, who work to a definite end, in a spirit of Harmony” – Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich.

An example – a car battery has the power to drive a car – many car batteries, working together, have the power to light a stadium!! Without the batteries working together… they are merely inert objects of matter!!

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