How important is the customer experience?

‘Twas a rainy Wednesday this morning ….. and yet 21 BBGers attended the March 2017 HNI forum in Martin Place, Sydney at 7am. From the get go, with the support and guidance by our excellent facilitator, the legendary Geoff Hirsh, the room was charged with a feeling of collaboration and community, and by the end of the session, referrals were flowing.


The thinktank on customer service and customer experience generated the following list of Dos and Don’ts


  1. Set expectations – Preframe what’s going to happen 
  2. Systemise and document processes , measure and record activity – using latest technology
  3. Build Trust 
  4. Obsess on the little things
  5. Know your customer – what are their values , preferences, behaviours, lifestyle and attitudes
  6. Relationship – making the customer feel needed and important and valued – Be warm, make it an awesome experience , be nice, don’t make customer feel that they are just a number serviced by a machine 
  7. Think outside the box – find different solutions 
  8. Take responsibility – own the problem until it is solved 
  9. 24/7 service 
  10. Be accessible 
  11. Regular contact – frequency is good
  12. Demonstrate value upfront 
  13. Human to human – but automate well
  14. Don’t avoid complaints – tackling it – a well handled complaint – a force for your business 
  15. Have a partnership approach to business – not a transactional approach 


  1. Over promise under deliver – be true to your world 
  2. Lack of follow up
  3. Lack of respect 
  4. Be late 
  5. Be arrogant 
  6. Take too long 
  7. Be smartest person in room 
What is your top do and don’t ?

If you share this, I will send you a strategy guide on “how to deliver a wow customer  service experience” and “how to run a client advisory board” 

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