Government Funding: Are you getting all the help you can?

10X in conjunction with Business Strategies International (BSI) is presenting a critical 2-hour seminar for Melbourne based business owners to discover:

How to grow your business and how to access Government Grants to do so …
Right now, through the Federal and Victorian State Governments there is quite literally millions of dollars available to growing businesses, potentially, like yours. Many of us fall into the trap of working hard, with head down and the proverbial up, so to speak, rarely taking time to see what else might be out there to help us achieve our goals.

Conversely now is exactly the time to pause and take a look at your strategic growth plans and how to leverage the Government to help you achieve your goals sooner. Put simply, not knowing what’s out there is costing you money and opportunity. 
How much funding did your business miss out on last year?  
To make sure this doesn’t happen to local business owners, 10X and BSI are bringing experts together to address the business community about growth strategies, and what grant are available, when, for how much and how do you qualify…
For example, as a business owner you could be entitled to up to $10,000 toward Business Coaching, enhancing your own knowledge, leadership and skill base to increase productivity, improve your marketing, sales, innovation and profits and bring about positive change across your entire business.  In other instances you may be able to access up to $25,000 to $2M in grants!
To find out more you’re invited to attend and hear the expert speakers share their own personal experiences and success strategies on business growth, entrepreneurship, leadership and most specifically how to access Government Funding to spur on your business, improve your results and increase your profits and market share both here and or overseas.  
What’s your business growth strategy? And, how will you fund that growth?
Our surveys of thousands of business owners tell us that the #1 thing every business owner wants help on is, how to grow.  At this event, you’ll discover new ways to grow as well as how to fund that growth through a variety of channels, including utilising grants that exist today to help you do exactly that. 
Opportunities and sound strategies exist to significantly grow your business in a financially sustainable way.  To find out more about these critical topics including growth strategies to build revenue, sales and cash flow, even how you tap into Government dollars, you’re invited to a special event, featuring our expert panel.
Business Growth + Accessing Government Funding 
Discover how these critical strategies could grow your business and see you achieve your goals sooner – thanks to the Experts speaking on June 4.
We’re so passionate about those things that matter most – helping people achieve greater business success – therefore increased financial security for you and your family – and what to do to make sure you’re business is one of those that does more than just ‘make it’, you’re invited to attend as our guest and hear our speakers from all over Australia.
Keynote Speakers
Ivan Kaye, Entrepreneur, Founder BSI: Grants Expert, Sydney 
Ivan will share his experiences over the last 25 years from Chartered Accountant to successful Entrepreneur founding and growing BSI.

Ryll Burgin-Doyle, Entrepreneur, Founder 10X, Founder stepUP Foundation, Business and Brand Growth Expert, Brisbane
Ryll’s experience in helping business owners like you grow their businesses is unparalleled … From starting her first business at the ripe old age of 23 with just $1,100 to her name and selling successfully just 4 years later, Ryll’s career has spanned Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

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