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It’s easy to lose sight of your goals. Sometimes we’re so busy we can’t see the big picture anymore. Schedule time to think. Make it a priority. Develop unusual clarity – a crystal-clear picture of what you want – so that you can refocus and look at things in perspective.
The Top-10 Goals Checklist
If you’re finding it difficult to focus on your goals, here is a wonderful checklist that will help you set, or re-set goals that will last the distance.

1. Your most important goals must be yours. It sounds obvious, but don’t let the media, parents, friends or neighbours set your goals. Make sure your goals are what you really want.

2. Your goals must be meaningful. If you’re goal isn’t meaningful it won’t last the distance. What are you willing to give up to achieve this goal? You can guarantee there will be sacrifices along the way. Your goals should be what drive you to get up in the morning – even when you don’t feel like it.

3. Your goals must be specific and measurable. Accurately define what you want. The more specific the better. If your goal is to be financially independent, define what that means. Does it mean having $50 million in the bank, being debt free etc. Be more specific.

4. Your goals must be flexible. On the road to achieve your goals, other opportunities may arise. You don’t need to try every new idea, but be open to genuine opportunities.

5. Your goals must be challenging and exciting. Think big. Your goals should be so exciting they keep you up at night. They don’t have to be epic, like climbing Mt. Everest (unless that’s what you want), but they shouldn’t be mediocre.

6. Your goals must be in alignment with your values. If your goals are in alignment with your values, achieving them becomes easier. There will be no internal conflict and this combined energy will propel you to greater success.

7. Your goals must be well balanced. When people in their eighties are asked what they would do differently if they could live their lives again, they never say, ‘I’d spend more time at the office.’

Set goals that include the more pleasant things of life such as family time, recreation, travel and hobbies.

8. Your goals must be realistic. If you’re four feet tall, it’s unlikely you’ll play professional basketball. Set goals that are challenging, but achievable, and give yourself enough time to complete them.

9. Your goals must include contribution. Many just set monetary goals and don’t leave any room for giving. Remember to also set goals that give something back. This contribution can take many forms, but the payback is guaranteed, though it often comes in unexpected ways.

10. Your goals need to be supported. You’ll need some help along the way. You have three options:
a) Tell the world – lots of pressure, but it works for some.
b) Don’t tell anyone – actions speak louder than words.
c) Tell a select few people whom you trust and who will support you (recommended).
When you find it difficult to focus on your goals, then it’s time to refocus. The next strategy will help you do this daily.

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