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Whether you’re managing a large corporation, a medium-scale business, or a small start-up, pitching to influencers, partners, investors and customers requires a strategic and tailored approach. Get your pitch right to distinguish your business angle from other market players and disrupters. 

In Australia, we have a tendency to be humble about our successes, relying upon the quality of the product or service to ‘sell itself’. However, this isn’t enough. To make your pitch stand out from the rest, you need to communicate your ideas with passion and confidence. 

Research shows that the first 20 seconds of a pitch will make or break the audience’s interest. This is the ‘elevator pitch’ — the crucial moment where you distinguish your business from the rest. Here are my top 5 tips for getting your pitch right: 

1. Articulate your vision with confidence

When you stand in front of people you are selling to, you need to articulate your vision and approach clearly, confidently and concisely. Use succinct, simple language; avoid obscuring your message beneath unnecessary jargon or complex technical terms.

2. Tell an unforgettable story

From the written word to the spoken word, you need to tell an unforgettable story that captures the listener’s attention and holds it. Think about what makes your approach distinct and different. To tell a story that stands out from the crowd, leverage originality and flair, and align your story to the key outcomes and strategies of your organisation.

3. Know your audience

Tailor your material and presentation to the requirements and expectations of your audience. This will ensure that people understand who you are, what you’re trying to achieve, and how your business specifically can help to solve a problem. A personalised approach will drive an emotional connection and deeper engagement with your audience.

4. Step up and differentiate yourself

Australian leaders have a tendency to be modest — but to successfully ‘sell’ your ideas, you need to talk confidently about your achievements. You need to explain exactly how and why your business is relevant to the market. Don’t be shy about your successes; present them with confidence.

5. Be genuine, engaging and enthusiastic

It all boils down to this: you can’t fake passion. To create an outstanding pitch, you need to be passionately and wholeheartedly dedicated to your cause. Self-belief, passion and drive are fundamental to this. If you truly believe in yourself and your ability to bring others on board with your business, they will believe in it, too. 

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