Get More Client Referrals by Leveraging LinkedIn

We all know that client referrals are the one of the best ways to get new lead opportunities. When we are introduced into a buyer by a happy client, getting the first meeting is easy, often there is less shopping of the competition and the sales cycle is shortened significantly. But, waiting for those client referrals can be painful,. Even when we out right ask them to introduce us to people that we can help the same way we’ve been able to help them, we typically get a response like, “I can’t think of anyone who needs your products and services right now, but if someone should I ask, I am happy to refer you.” Ugh – that is not the response we were hoping for. 

So, let’s add in LinkedIn to the referral request. Prior to your next client meeting identify 10, 15 or even 20 ideal buyers that your client is connected to and review the names with them.

  1. Visit your client’s profile (connect to them if you aren’t yet)
  2. Click on the 500+ or scroll down to the connections section
  3. Click on the magnify glass
  4. Type in the titles and keywords that describe your ideal buyer
  5. Click on the Advanced button on the top left of that box
  6. Use the filters on the left to drill down further
  7. Make your list and bring it to you client
  8. Ask, “Ms. Client, we’ve been working together for some time and based on your feedback, you have been very happy with our work. I am not sure if you know this, but I have grown my business through warm introduction from my happy clients. I hope you don’t mind, but I noticed you are connected to 9 people that I’d really like to meet, can I run these names by you?”   You then have a conversation around the list and out of the 9 your client will recommend 2 or 3. 

BONUS: Make a list of your top 10 clients and give this a try – it may be the “thing” that will help you exceed your goals in the 4th quarter and beyond.

Bonus 2 

How much easier would it be to make that warm referral – and then track measure and reward that referral within 3 taps of your phone…. Download Referron and have a play – . Check out

The other aha moment for me – was that for people to make those referrals – they’ve got to know like and trust you…. Invite them to come to your BBG forum as your guest !!!  Bbg will work with you to find your 30 key referral partners!!!  

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