Exposure to Shares Without the Stress!

Have you ever wanted to own shares but you don’t know which ones to pick?

Thanks to technology there is now a solution for you that was previously only available to high net worth investors with more than $500,000 to invest.

It is called a Separately Managed Account or SMA.

An SMA allows you to own shares directly (legally in your name) but they are chosen by a professional who is managing millions of dollars. It is very similar to a managed fund in that you give your money to a fund manager (for example BT Financial Group or Ausbil Dexia) and they then invest your funds in the same shares as their managed fund portfolio. The main difference is you have legal ownership and you can remove the fund manager as the stock picker at any stage.

As you own the share directly you receive all of the dividends and franking credits which makes it more tax effective. In addition, thanks to technology you are able to login and see you live portfolio of shares so you can track the performance.

This can remove the stress of picking your own shares and you get to leverage of the professionals who watch and research shares every day.

If you would like to know more feel free to hit the chat button.

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