Consolidating Your Super Funds

You wouldn’t pay multiple fees on anything else, so why pay them on your super?

Many people have more than one super fund without realising that they’re probably paying multiple sets of fees. This can make a big difference to your super balance over time, slowly eating away at your returns.  By combining all of your super funds into one super account, you’ll pay just one simple, all-inclusive fee.

In addition, consolidating your super and having one account means it is easier for you to track and gauge the performance of your retirement benefits.

Before you rollover any old funds you should check as to what features and benefits such as insurances that you may have with them.  If you need any help with this please contact an Ark Adviser.  If you wish to proceed to consolidating your super funds please follow the three steps below.

Step 1 
Complete a ‘Request to transfer’ form for each super fund you wish to transfer from. You can find the required information on a past statement you have received.  If you don’t know the details of your BSI Super plan fund then leave it blank and we will fill this in for you.
Step 2
Obtain a copy of your driver’s license or passport.  This is required so that the super fund you are rolling out of can verify your signature on the ‘request to transfer form’
Step 3
Post us your completed form(s) along with a copy of your ID for each fund you wish to roll out of. These can be posted to:
Dylan Chan – Ark Total Wealth
GPO Box 4013
Sydney NSW 2001


For more information about rolling over your superannuation you can also watch the video below.  Or if you have further questions please contact a financial adviser at .

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