Cindy Hook shares her DNA as a LinkedIn Influencer

Cindy Hook, CEO of Deloitte, one of the most viewed CEOs in Australia,  has been championing the need for leaders to have an authentic voice and incorporating their personal values as part of their leadership style. She shares some key insights in Singapore with LinkedIN’s  Jaymee Ong.

What do you do when you wake up in the morning?
Explain your job to a 5 year old – 
I lead 6000 smart people help other people solve problems
If you weren’t a CEO of Delloitte – what would you want to be? 
A rock Star – but not enough talent 🙁  – Maybe in my next life!!

What are 3 things you do to invest in your personal brand?
Brand is how people perceive you…. so 
1. How you treat people
2. How you treat yourself 
3. How you share info 

What advice do you have for leaders?
– believe in yourself 
If a movie was ever to be made who would you want to take your part
Meryl Streep – she’s the best in business and only takes on meaningful roles 
Early Bird or Night Owl
– Night Owl
Beer Wine or Champagne
– Wine
Lamingtons Timtams or Vegemite
– Tim Tams

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