10 resume cliches – to not to use

Mark S. BabbittLeadership and Career Mentor, Blogger, Speaker and Author The 10 Resume Clichés That Make Recruiters Cringe Stop handing out the same-old cliché-ridden meaningless comments that look, feel and sound just like every other resume These comments in resumes are not only redundant, and often worthless… they make a recruiter…
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3 Ways to Get More Referrals for Your Business

December 15, 2015 • 26 Views • 4 Likes • 3 Comments Statistically, there are no better clients, customers, or patients in business than those who are referred to you. Referred clients come to you having been told by a third party that you are the person to contact. Essentially, the “selling” process has already been taken…
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How Financial Planners can get more referrals

But many financial professionals are not getting their share of referrals says Stan Mann  Why?  Mostly because they are not leveraging the most powerful marketing strategy for advisors – referrals. According to the Schwab Report: “The fastest-growing advisors saw growth rise five times faster than all other firms because they excel…
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Want more referrals?

Tips frim Rashid Kotwal Had a call from a hypnotherapist. We’ll call her J. J helps people quit smoking and gets great results. But she’s not getting any referrals. Either from past clients or other therapists. J wondered what was wrong and how could we help? It’s a pretty common…
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What Is a Real Referral?

Have your ever been given a referral to call someone?  When you called, was the person expecting your call? Did they find it somewhat of an interruption and irritation? Many sales people are confused as to what a real referral is.  A real referral is not when a colleague makes…
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