Can Virtual Reality change the world

Inspired by Steven Rosenbaums article 
In Huffington post

Virtual reality creates a sense of “presence,” so even if your conscious brain knows what you are observing is virtual, your emotional instincts and responsive brain absorbs the VR fiction a real experience and memory. 
Let me explain … I was given a vr contraption to use , and told to walk across a soccer field ….as I started walking across the field, the ground came away on either side…. And I was now walking on a narrow bridge, with no support, And a sheer drop on either side…. To me this was totally real, although I knew it couldn’t be!!
VR could actually change human consciousness. Inside of it, it feels like real life, it feels like truth. And you feel present in the world that you’re inside and you feel present with the people that you’re inside of it with.
Sort of like a movie on steroids – where you are part of the set 
VR can become more than a medium, but will fundamentally be an alternative level of human consciousness,
says  Chris Milk, who is at the forefront of exploring and inventing in VR. 
“Virtual reality has the potential to actually change the world. It’s a machine, but through this machine we become more compassionate, we become more empathetic, and we become more connected. And ultimately, we become more human.”
Do we become more isolated in our own make believe worlds?
What happens when a violent video game feels like murder or when pornography feels like sex. 
How does that change the way humans interact or function as a society or with each other ?
What do you think? 

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