September copy of Spark Mag is out.

September copy of Spark Mag is out… would appreciate your feedback… which articles were good… etc

Jetting To Business And Fitness Success

Brendan and Cristy Levenson  started their business plan by putting the word ‘customer’ in the centre of a page and building our proposition around them.

Franchising allowed us to expand our footprint quickly and develop a strong position prior to competition moving in.
They  put the success of Jetts down to three things that they believe are the pillars of most successful companies – 
1. Having the foresight to recognise a need and focussing first on the customer and creating a vision that is built off a purpose. 
2. Having the relentless hunger to ensure that vision transpires into reality, and 
3. Having the fanatical discipline in the execution of the growth and operations of the business.
Our long-term plan sees 350 clubs across Australia and New Zealand, and 2000 clubs across 10 countries by 2030. We will do this by customer service, impeccable standards and teamwork. 

What are your 5 tips for business success?

  1. Ensure your company has a purpose, and create a bold vision that is realistic and achievable
  2. Develop a deep, burning desire to achieve your vision, and use this to keep you going when times are tough
  3. Focus on relentless execution of your strategy – don’t give in on quality for the sake of quantity
  4. Hire people that compliment your weaknesses or are downright better than you 
  5. Be a great listener and subscribe to the fact that others most likely know more than you do – learn from those around you
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