Blrt founder Anurag Chakradhar sdevelopes patented communications technology

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Blrt aims to combine the best of face-to-face communication and email in a new communication tool.

“Everyone tackling this collaboration problem thinks of it as a collaboration problem but I see it as an availability problem. You may be in a different time zone and sleeping or you may be in the office next to me but busy,” Chakradhar says.

“That shouldn’t hold me back from communicating what I have to say, without losing the emotion of voice and the ability to point at something or draw something, and without having to make a 100 or 500 megabyte video that you then have to download and respond to.”

The problem is that face-to-face meetings required real-time participation by all parties, but email lacked the emotion of voice and gesture. While video could theoretically enable both, it created huge files of 100 megabytes or even 500 megabytes with resulting storage and bandwidth issues.

Voice and gestures

Chakradhar’s idea is to capture the gesture and movement in vector format rather than video. 
“Instead of capturing your hand motion in video, you capture it in computer code,” he says. “That means it’s kilobytes, not megabytes. It feels like a video but it’s not a video.”

The result is an app that lets you pull up different documents or and zoom and pan on a static image, pointing things out with voice and gesture. It records a lightweight file and gives the recipient access to the documents and the ability to respond.

Its simple and functional

Blrt currently exists for iOS and Android.

He is seeking up to $2 million in venture capital funding to take Blrt global.

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