BFO’s from ALWAYSON 07

BSI was proud to lead a delegation of 8 Innovative Companies to ALWAYSON 2007 forum.
For details of Australian Companies Presenting see BSI USA Investor Forum – Summer Summit Australian Collection

Some BFO’s that I took away from the conference:-

The Internet is the greatest single innovation in human history!!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – the extension of the feet
Weapons, Tools, Appliances – the extension of the hand
Cameras and Videos – the extention of the Eyes
Film and Video – the extension of the Imagination

and The Internet – The extention of the human Mind

ALWAYSON 100 Winners have a good chance of hitting that Home Run!

Sold for 250m to fix interactive – 39million registered users $6 per user!! – 15m users – Acquired by CBS $280m $30 per user
Need to align emstream with them…

Feedburner – $100m sold to google – fits –

BLINKZ – IPOd shares inc 45% on listing –video search engine $355m

TELLME Networks – $833m to microsoft …integration of voice services to their productivity software..100m people will be able to do quickcall from their apps
Speech and voice recognition
Directory assistance calls. Platform handles ½ directory assisted calls
(Dominos to get a Pizza or American Airlines etc

GrandCentral Connunications – purchased by Google
1 # that rings all their phones
Helps expand googles business of “collaborative exchange between users”

POSTINI spamfilter to google – $625m (where are you ISHerriff?)

Our Australian Delegation presented at the ALWAYSON CEO Pitches, where 50 Companies have been chosen to Pitch to 900 Delegates and 1000’s of Bloggers around the world. Two of our Companies have been chosen to be a TOP 100 Award Winner – Christine Tutone’s ADITLAST (Melbourne) and Dean Mcevoy’s BOOKING ANGEL (Sydney) . . Lucielle Outhred’s DIGISLIDE (miniture projector that will be OEM’d into moile phones, PDAs and Notebooks has caused a stir at the Conference, having previously one a number of awards over the past 12 months. One of the Most Disruptive Technologies I have come across is Malcolm Allen’s and Greg’s FREEDOMTEL.

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