Be Wary of Mutton Dressed as Lamb When it Comes to Buying Property

The National Rental Affordability Scheme is a relatively new government initiative that looks to essentially privatise the public housing sector.  It has been heavily promoted to investors by property marketers recently, however we would urge all potential property purchasers to look at and assess the property in isolation of any artifical boosts, incentives or schemes.  Such grants should only be viewed as ‘extras’ and should not be the primary motivation for making a purchase.

Ask yourself, ‘Would I buy this property if it DIDN’T have an NRAS scheme attached to it?’  If the answer is no then perhaps it’s best to keep looking..

More information here: http://www.propertyobserver.com.au/landlords/room-for-debate-do-nras-properties-make-good-investments/2012111457855?utm_source=Property+Observer+List&utm_campaign=d686789636-November_14_20124_10_2012&utm_medium=email




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