Australian Market hitting 6000 – is there upside?

I enjoyed spending a leisurely read of the fun review smart investor this morning
Below are some of my takeouts 
Would love your views on the market

Hasan Tevfij from Credit Suisse says that the Australian equity market has the highest dividend yield in the world and the big dividend players are likely to be attractive to investors globally for the time being.

Nader Naeimi – head of AMP Dynamic Asset Allication – ageing populations, a secular decline in bond yields and zero interst policy will drive people to dividend yielding stocks.
What are the Australian Growth sectors ?
Find solid companies and invest there.
Offshore Funds
CIO of Platinum Asset Management says that he doesn’t understand why an investor would have more than 50px in home market equities!
China Opportunity 
Baidu is next China’s google 
What’s the next Chinese equivalent to google and apple? 
Souring House Prices 
Christopher Joy
Boon to continue – is it just a catch up?
Money pouring into construction
Australia’s housing debt to Assets declining
Stocks on Sale
Arrium – steel company 1.20 to 20c -simon Mawhinney from Allan Gray likes it 
And owns 13.4pc
Metcash – I bought at 4 its now 1.30! Aldi is displacing them in the market – have they got the model right?  Cheap isn’t always good ! 
Newcrest mining is backing png lihir mine 
New leadership – price was 40 – went to 9 and is now 14 – gold play – currently profitable on today’s gold prices – Alkan Gray recommends 
QBE – monster insurer – was 30 now 14 – gives a 4pc yield – long term hold  
What to do?
Invest in your own business

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