An email sent to a potential accounting firm re referron

Hi Carl

Referron is a Social Referral Network called referron see

Referron enables you to refer and get referred to someone you know like and trust, within 3 taps of your phone. Referrals are tracked, measured and you have the ability to reward referrals.

It has a fully functional CRM for your referrals in the portal… (login function in

Free to join/ download/ refer and 1st 3 referrals  free…

Thereafter $20 per month or $200 per year per person – with enterprise deals.

Referron pays up to 40% of every client referred from our affiliates

Sales opportunities

  1. Accounting/Consulting/ Professional Services firm – MEASURING REFERRAL ACTIVITY and REWARDING STAFF -one of the key kpi’s is to generate business from the firm… business as you know comes from leads/ proposals and sales… .referron captures the leads! When Tanya (a senior , comes in for a review – the manager pulls up a list of her referrals for a year/ tracked to business generated from the accounting system and crm – so it will say… Tanya has referred 30 people, turned into 5 clients and brought in 60k of business to the firm
  2. Restaurant/ Café/ Microbusiness – rewarding and ENGAGING CUSTOMERS if they have a great service/product – asks clients to refer and they can offer a reward (ie a 2 for 1 meal/ a free coffee or anything they want – which will be able to be redeemed from the phone
  3. HR Department – ENGAGEMENT OF STAFF -engaging staff – an it person is needed to the it department – a brief sent to employees asking them to refer someone they know like and trust that fits the brief…. For every referral… the HR dept pays the employee $25 for taking the time to refer the lead; for every referral interviewed , they pay the employee $500 and for every referral employed, they pay the employee $5k – the company ios building up a superb database, of their employees contact who they know like and trust!
  4. Mazda doing a campaign engaging their customers and 1m + social network base – at the moment they have a huge social network database –  but they not being engaged or mobilised into new sales – ENGAGING SOCIAL NETWORKS –  they are encouraging their customers/friends/networks to join referron, and if they make a referral to a friend who buys a mazda – they will get $100 – this is mobilising their social networks
  5. Mcdonalds – ENTICING CUSTOMERS AND BUILDING DATABASES if they have a campaign to reward everyone who refers a lead  to them , they  can say that on 1 August they will be doing a 2 for 1 campaign between 12pm and 3 pm … these people (the referrer and lead , can redeem their rewards at any mcdonalds – where the person at the counter redeems the voucher from the customers phone…
  6. Mcdonalds can be replaced with any business.

 What does this mean to your accounting firm?

I have been testing out the DC model in Sydney with my clients, using Referron as a methodology to track my referrals to me and referrals I have made….

Over the past 6 weeks I have received 118 referrals for me to follow up…and made 600+ referrals to my network.  

If you would like proof of this… just email me and I will send you snapshots of my portal!

  • It is an amazing tool to enable you to grow your business… you can promote it as a product developed by a part of the BSI group  that owns 10X –
  • It is super cheap to use… and hugely powerful for your business … it provides all the tracking requirements that will be needed for our DC/Network Model.
  • It enables you to refer someone to a business within 3 taps of the phone….. at the time you think of the opportunity.
  • It will also grow your network!
  • It enables to encourage people to connect wiith you on your signature and your website (go to promote on your portal! )

It    It will take me no more than 15 minutes to have you set up and ready to use referron…. 

       An enterprise or group can track referrals made and given to and from  their team, and the tool can be used to engage a business’s  staff and customers with you on a number of levels.

Here are some sites/ commentaries:-

Ash Roy ‏@Productivepal 16 Jul – 3 critical ways Referron can transform #networking, #referrals and #sales

Launched 6 weeks ago and have +1000 users and growing!

Would love your feedback!



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