A really powerful ‘must do’ for you in February

Every now and again, you come across someone in your life who really impacts the way you do things.

Someone who helps you make HUGE shifts in your business.
Paul Dunn does that — hugely and consistently.
And he does it unlike anyone else we know.

At BSI CONNECT we’re also seeking to find extraordinary opportunities for you to gain great new insights. And that’s precisely why I’m letting you know that Paul’s coming back to Australia in a series of very special programs around our country. It means you can experience the profound impact he has first-hand.
Without doubt, Paul gives you the most valuable, authentic, difference-making and downright different, inspiring program you could ever experience. Put simply — if you’re in business or planning to start one, it’s a must.
People rightly regard Paul as a legend. This new program [it’s appropriately called: INSPIRE!] changes businesses and it changes lives. I can tell you that for absolute sure. So I’m suggesting to you in the strongest way I know how to register now. You can check it out (and register) right here:

20 February, Perth: http://bit.ly/INSPIREPBSI
21 February, Melbourne: http://bit.ly/INSPIREMBSI
22 February, Sydney: http://bit.ly/INSPIRESBSI
23 February, Gold Coast: http://bit.ly/INSPIREGBSI
24 February, Newcastle: http://bit.ly/INSPIRENBSI

When you do that now, you can get super early bird seating at a stunning 72% off the full ticket figure. And that applies for multiple tickets too.
Check the relevant link now — you’ll find all the reasons why this grows your business right here, right now. As simple as that.
Or, as the Entrepreneur of the Year in the UK, Steve Pipe, said recently:
I have been booking big name professional business speakers for the last 10 years. And having spent more than £250,000 in the process I can confidently say that Paul Dunn is the best speaker I have ever seen. And it is not just his presentation style that is stunning, his content is too. I have seen his ideas and presentations transform the results of hundreds of UK businesses, including my own. So if you want better results, you simply must go to this seminar!
Steve is right.
Click the relevant link for you, check it all out and register now to get that stunning 72% OFF normal ticket prices.  This is a program you’ll remember and benefit from — for life.
Derek Adam
BSI Connect

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