6 ways to boost your referral network and stay ahead of the pack


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1. Develop a spirit of generosity

A major source of generating business is through the networking landscape, which is full of professionals all handing out their business cards pitching their business.

It’s no wonder very little business usually comes from this , because everyone is selling and no one is buying! 

People can build a brilliant business through networking but must focus on what others need and try to help them – with a Spirit of Generosity. 

  • Think of how you can help them
  • Identify people in your network who you can refer them to
  • Refer them with Referron xlyttgybt(www.Referron.com)

And watch the Law of Reciprocity deliver in Spades!

2. Identify key contacts. 

When networking, strategically identify people whom you can help and who can also help you, and develop an action plan on how you can build a meaningful relationship.  Meet with them one on one and invite them to your BBG chapter. 

Grow your linked in and Social Media network as a lead base to invite them to future events.

Keep in touch with them by developing a relevant blog and emailing them.

3. Find clients for your clients. 

One of the best ways to add value to your network is helping existing clients get more clients of their own.

Being  a referrer of strong connections is one of the best ways to contribute to your clients’ bottom line and stay ahead of the competition.

Being a useful resource to your connections can help you grow your business by building trust and driving a noticeable increase in profit for both you and your clients.

Value is built from your network over time! 

4. Create a BBG Chapter 

Once you’ve identified individuals who would make a powerful chapter of up to 30 non-competing professionals, create a BBG Chapter that will meet once a month for 3 hours hosted by a professional facilitator, with the objective of getting to know like and trust each other.

This will increase the chances of

A. Doing business with each other


B. Them referring you to their network because they know like and trust.

If I sit with you for 3 hours a month , and I get to understand your business and how you can add value to me and/or my network, the likelihood of us doing business together and me referring you business is good! 

This chapter should become the main focus of your ongoing networking efforts so you can reach the people who will have the most impact on your business. 

It is obviously OK to have connections outside this group, but these individuals are less of a priority for cultivating a relationship with.

5. Host your own events.

Creating your own series of events where you can bring together members of your BBG chapter and their guests  for a lunch or event that will facilitate collaboration, connection, education and growth, leading to business opportunities, continued visibility for you and goodwill among attendees.

Regularly hosting of events can help you become the centre of your network.

6. Strike while the iron is hot

Using the right tools can be a powerful way in helping you better curate and catalog the people you know. 

Collaborative and referral software tools help companies evaluate “who knows whom” and “who knows what” and understand the full scope of the groups capabilities. 

The combination of collaboration and referrals  is a powerful cocktail, and at the end of the day,  successful selling is about developing strong relationships with people you know like and trust.

Be sure to be a part of the BBG community (www.bbg.business) and download the app Referron, which enables you to easily refer,  track measure and reward referrals within 3 taps! (Www.referron.com )

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