China Launches its first eco friendly skytrain

Only actions will remove the doubts… China rolls out its first sky train…the third country after Germany and Japan to develop the technology. The two compartments can hold more than 200 passengers, and when compared with subways and trams, sky trains have lower costs, better climbing and turning ability, and higher wind resistance. The overhauled railway is driven by batteries which can run for four hours at a time, and the batteries can be changed when stopped at a station, with the whole process lasting only two minutes..It’s a sign of progress!!



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Chinese are setting milestone for developing countries and encouraging for out of box ideas.simply delightful.

CAN WE TRY SUCH TECHNOLOGY IN MUMBAI AND OTHER METROS AS A PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM? Only 200 such Sky Trains can solve our traffic problems and jams, make lifestyles better and green!!

Yeah and if they mounted solar panels above the overhead tracks for recharging the batteries it may almost be an off-grid transportation solution.

The key is innovation with commercial use here – brilliant

Innovation, Commercial use in very less time to market. Technological self sufficiency. Many things to observe and learn.

Admirable, it shows their foresight, discipline tenacity in building such devices for the betterment of their lives and country.

Amazing to see but not surprised. The sad story is that Our own Walt Disney told the California politicians in 1958 to build his Monarail trains above all our freeways in California. He offered them the plans for his Monorail Trails. Walt said” you will need it” and our bright California leaders response was; ” we won’t need that, our super highways of tomorrow will handle all our future traffic” and Walt said; ” No they won’t”Sad. We had a brilliant man with great ideas and our leaders didn’t have a clue. We, I guess China can build our future cool stuff.

Congrats for the innovation and need to be disseminated all over the Globe for developing an eco-friendly environment. All the best..

My view – this is great innovation and China is taking action! A great idea is as only as good as its implementation! Talk is cheap . If action is taken and it doesn’t work – they will learn and realign until they perfect the invention




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