3 things Team Leaders fail to do

Great article by Tanya Lacy via linked in 

If these 3 things really are so simple, why do team leaders fail to do them? The truth is, Business is complex and Leadership often means pressure. It can be easy to have lapses in recognising your impacts on others. If you like the idea of increased Connectivity, Productivity & Trust from others, here’s a reminder.

3…Use Manners

Use Please and Thank-you. In the cut and thrust of deadlines and targets, this basic part of communication get’s dropped. Pick up your “Thank-you’s” and “Please’s” for the rest of the month and see the reaction you get from your team. In person, Telephone, Conferences, Messaging, Email, use your manners more. The results will surprise you.

2…Eye Contact

Would you agree, there’s nothing worse than not being looked at when you’re with someone? Is it that the brain has been trained to focus on screens, tablets and devices so well, that real faces and eyeballs get forgotten? Remember eye contact, and a simple way to do this is take particular notice of the eye colour of the person you’re sitting with. It’s not just B2B (business to business) it’s actually H2H (human to human). Whether it’s board, customer, client or team engagement, the eye’s have it.


While most leaders “know” this one, it’s the most difficult of all to do. Why? When it comes to conversation, thinking and anticipating your response to what the other person is saying blocks listening. If you disagree with me, and you believe you’re already a great listener, then add in pauses. And here’s a twist. Check in with yourself to make sure you’re not talking over others. Easier said than done when you’re a conversationalist.

Already do these things? Well done. May I challenge you? Ramp up your consistency a notch. Each day for the rest of this month, use these 3 simple things more.

Manners, Eye’s, Ears.

If you do, I believe you’ll experience an increase in Connectivity, Productivity & Trust.

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