12 Things to make more sales before Christmas

It’s a week before Xmas and nearing the ens of the 4th Quarter. Most of the number counters see this as crunch time to achieving your sales goals, and beginning the build-up for next year.
Many of us are unsure what we can do to spped up your prospect and customer decisions. The days seem to be closing faster and if you need to fill your sales gap now is the time to do the best you can without burning the deals.
Below are 12 strategies you might want to review for yourself or your sales team as a way to close more deals without having to resort to cut price discounts or other costly offers
  1. Review a range of your closed deals this year and make a list of why those customers choose to “wait until … ” and have answers for these objections.
  2. Allocate the next 2 days trying to close those lingering proposals and maybe go back up to 12 months.
  3. Try adding some add-ons to solutions you have already sold this year. We have all heard the saying “would you like fries with that” but do you know how much that little saying is worth to McDonalds every day?
  4. Sell additional items to existing orders. Go back over your orders for the past 3-4 months and see which customers you might be able to “Sell one more”. Surprising how many 1 make up a bunch if we only just ask for the order.
  5. Review your top 10 customers for the current year and see if you can close at least one additional deal with at least 1 of them before year end. If you are not able to close a new deal it gives you an opportunity to see what may be available you can put into your next year forward planning.
  6. If your clients still have budget to speand see if you can assist them to bring forward spending on 2012 priorities.
  7. Call every client you have not spoken to in the past 90 days and see if they need your services in December to help get them off to a fast start for 2012.
  8. Make contact with all of your prospects where they have deferred your advances to see which ones you are able to move to the hot prospects list.
  9. Review your forecast and identify what is required to meet your target on a daily quota. Then execute.
  10. Enlist your managers’s and / or team’s support to overcome the roadblocks holding back your prospects from buying.
  11. Review your referrals and the customers who gave you these. Contact these and see if they have any additional prospects for you to follow up.

And finally begin setting appointments for January to give yourself a head start to 2012. In doing this and reviewing each of your contacts you may find a list minute opportunity while you doing this review.

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