10 Secrets to your success

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1. Know your why

successful people and companies sharing their reasons WHY they do what they do – have your coach do a vision, mission, values, personality, pulse session with you!
(see simon sinek video )

2. Practice discipline on the fundamentals 
  • rise early and get started. 
  • read 30 to 60 minutes to keep their minds fresh and full of new ideas. 
  • do 30 mins daily exercise 
  • prioritize and write down daily tasks and complete them,
  • visualize your goals being accomplished. 
doing these consistently takes discipline.
3. Don’t assume
  • When you make assumptions, you are asking for misunderstandings and can create big drama. 
  • People tend to make assumptions because they are too arrogant, or fearful of asking for clarification. 
  • Assumptions creates a narrative in the mind to make them true, when they may not be at all. 
  • Ask questions and do your research for clarification and avoid all that unnecessary suffering.
Assume – makes an ass out of u and me 
4. Keep things simple.

Leonardo da Vinci (and Glen Campbell)  said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

When things are simple they can be easily explained, accomplished, and replicated.

If you can’t explain something, then you don’t truly understand it. Keep it simple so everyone can understand.

5. Exercise both mind and body.
  • Work out daily, specifically in the morning. 
  • Starting off with exercise gives a boost of energy and a sense of accomplishment, and prevents the tendency to flake out later in the day/night. 
  • Uderstand mental health is just as important, and that morning can be the perfect time to meditate or practice visualization. 
  • Taking a few minutes to visualize success in your day ahead will improve your mood and outlook on the day. 
  • Muse is a powerful tool to help your meditation practice whether you’re a novice or experienced.
6. Be mindful of thoughts, words, and actions.

A Chinese proverb says, 
  • your thoughts, become your words. 
  • your words become your actions. 
  • your actions become your habits, 
  • your habits become your character, 
  • your character becomes your destiny
So think before you speak, discuss and evaluate before you act, and develop healthy habits that build strong character and lead to more success.

Affirmations can be a helpful tool in practicing new ways of thinking. 
7. Don’t take things personally.
  • Try not be effected by the hurtful words , deeds and actions of others.  
  • What people say, what they do, and their opinions rarely have anything to do with you. 
  • They create their ideas according to their reality they have created for themselves.
  •  If you don’t take things personally, you are immune to the destructive energy and suffering that others may throw your way. 
8. Unplug.
  • Your mind, body, and spirit need time to rest and relax. 
  • Unplugging from work and technology is essential to doing this.
  •  Dedicated time without devices, Wi-Fi, email, or social networks is key. 
  • Creating this time is important to make it happen.
9. Know that systems build success

Know the tasks you need to complete. Determine which activities only you can do, and where you add unique value.

For other things – delegate or outsource and Sytemize!!

Break down  tasks into steps, sprints  and processes that can be done quickly and efficiently, and even replicated as necessary.
Developing systems that build on your strengths and unique talents creates success.

10. Do what I say – not what I do!!!
People who know me, know that I should take head of the above advice!!
How to get started!
While these ideas may never get you to the point of doing 360-degree pushups like Tee Major, they will make you successful in whatever it is you are passionate about. 
Take a 360-degree look at your life and see what changes you can make to create your success. 
Start by doing one small pushup today, even if it is on your knees. It will build the muscles you need to support you in the success you want to create.

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